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Jaipur Dental College Jaipur Dental College
MDS in Pedodontics in rajasthan
  Public Health Dentistry
  Conservative & Endodontics
  Oral Pathology
  Oral Medicine & Radiology
  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  Bio Chemistry
  Medicine Surgery Hospital
  General Pathology
MDS in Pedodontics in rajasthan
MDS in Periodontics in rajasthan
Group Colleges
  Jaipur Nursing College
  Jaipur Occupational Therapy College
  Jaipur Physiotherapy College
  Jaipur College of Paramedical Science
  Jaipur Institute of Hotel Management
  Jaipur School of Law
  Jaipur School of Arts & Commerce
  Jaipur Institute of Biotechnology
  Jaipur School of Avaition
  Dental Clinic in Jaipur (Dr Jephs Clinic)


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Prosthodontics Practical & Viva Voce of Final year BDS(Under RUHS) News

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Practical & Viva Voce of Final year BDS(Under RUHS).

Periodontics Practical & Viva Voce of Final year BDS(Under RUHS).

Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics Practical & Viva Voce of Final year BDS(Under RUHS).

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Jaipur Dental College: Latest Techniques
Public Health Dentistry
  Nutrition in oral diseases
  General Epidemiology
Conservative & Endodontics
  Rational Approach
  Simplified Endodontic Techniques
  Pulpal Chamber
Jaipur Dental College: Latest Techniques
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leukoplakia,angular cheilitis ( Oral Medicine & Radiology ) leukoplakia,angular cheilitis ( Oral Medicine & Radiology )
leukoplakia,angular cheilitis
lichen planus ( Oral Medicine & Radiology ) lichen planus ( Oral Medicine & Radiology )
lichen planus
Jaipur Dental College: Cases Study


Message From Chairman's

K. L. Mina (Chairman)

I take this opportunity to appauld the MVS on promoting two more colleges of contemporary healing therapies.

The MVS is a society engaged in establishing and promoting organisations working towards the well being and social welfare of the people.

Since its registration in jan 1998, MVS is consistently engaged in initiating efforts to promote new bodies to serve its cause. After JD, the MVS promoted the construction of Maharaj Vinayak General Hospital, replete with all departments of medicine & surgery and is progressing on its expansion plans. Next in their lineage came Jaipur Nursing College, the first in the private sector to satiate the dearth of qualified & trained nursing staff in our state. In year 2004 the next achievement was the establishment of Rajasthan’s first college of Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy for training students in the alternative healing systems that are an integral part of rehabilitative & therapeutic supplements & now extensively in demand. The most recent achievement being starting MDS in all the 9 Specialties.

MVS has since its inception seen incessant growth and is still striving to promote some more bodies for social welfare. In addition to spreading it’s arms by promoting institutions & organizational bodies, MVS is also contributing efforts identifying future prospects of improvisation & growth of dental treatments.

As an honour to all the promising efforts, growth & results sculpted by the MVS, I wish all the best for success in all future enterprises undertaken by the Society.

With warm regards

K. L. Mina
Jaipur Dental College

Message From MD

Dr.Vikas Jeph (MD)

I take this opportunity of applaud the MVS on achieving recognition status of MDS course in all 9 specialities and Jaipur Nursing College for starting post graduate M.Sc. (Nursing) and GNM course in academic year 2009-2010.

MVS is a Society engaged in establishing and promoting organizations working towards the well being and social welfare of the people.

With blessings of the Bhagvan Vinayak Maharaj, I have embarked on this journey of providing professional education and improve the health of the society through Jaipur Dental College, Jaipur Nursing College, Jaipur Physiotherapy College, Jaipur Occupational Therapy College, Jaipur College of Para Medical Sciences and Jaipur Industrial Training Centre and Maharaj Vinayak General Hospital promoted by the Maharaj Vinayak Society. Last couple of years has been MVS grow tremendously in terms of infrastructure; faculty and volume of services provided and witnessed significant academic achievements by our students. Today we offer professional courses in Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Paramedical.

All our campuses are well equipped with green environs and considered among the best in the country. We provide all necessary amenities and facilities to our students on our campuses.

What we have achieved so far is definitely commendable. But I am aware there is still scope for us to become better and to reach higher pinnacles of academic excellence. I have no doubt that we will be able to achieve these objectives in corporation with our faculties of various institutions which include experts, experienced and caring teachers.

I wish, you will be one of those fortunate students, who will get admission to one of our colleges. I assure you that your life in our campus will be richly rewarding, academically and otherwise also. I extend my best wishes for your future successful professional careers you plan to pursue.

With warm regards

Dr. Vikas Jeph
Management Director
Jaipur Dental College

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